qtwitter 0.10

An application interacting with Twitter and Identi.ca social networks
0.10.0 (See all)

qTwitter is an application interacting with microblogging services, such as Twitter, Identi.ca and others based on StatusNet application (former laconica). It aims to be as compact as possible still providing outstanding usability. Since it's a Qt-based application with no other dependencies, it works wherever Qt does, i.e. Windows, Mac OS X and vast variety of Linuxes and Unices supporting X11 (including Nokia's Maemo platform).

Main Features:

- mentions timeline that is merged together with the friends timeline,
- automatic tagging thingy – it converts your selected words into #hashtags and it’s smart enough not to touch URLs and StatusNet !groups,
- improved URL shortening – now shortening all the urls in a status at one go, plus comes with a customizable shortcut,
- notifications fixed to notify about new statuses AND NOT unread ones,
- fixes in parsing URLs in statuses

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