QTPluginDicom 6.3

Plugin for Realbasic to read and write DICOM files.
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QTPluginDicom expands the QTPlugin Realbasic plugin with a set of classes (21), modules (1) and global methods (6) that allows you to work with DICOM data structures.
In brief, the QTPluginDicom classes enable you to: read/write data elements from/to data sets create anonymous copies of data elements create DICOMDIR (containing a Basic Directory Information data structure) files from scratch playback pixel data convert sequences of frames and still images into the appropriate pixel data elements and associate them to DICOM data structures
What's new in this version:
This plugin version introduces many improvements and new features to the plugin API intended to improve your developing experience; the most significatives of them are: added support for Cocoa platform updated the built-in data elements standard dictionary, the transfer syntaxes and SOP classes list to the latest release (2009) of the DICOM 3 standard added support for reading/writing LUT Tables data elements...



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