QCAD versions

Application for computer-aided drafting in two dimensions (2D).
May 6, 2015
Sep 21, 2013
May 6, 2010

What's new

- Extended drawing file format support to most versions of DXF and DWG:
- Read support for format version 2.5 through 2010
- Write support for format version 12 through 2010
- SVG export:
- Optional: preserve as much of the original data and geometry as possible in SVG
- Various improvements and optimizations of the exported SVG files
- Drawing tools:
- Points:
- N points along a line
- M x N points in quadrangle
- Arcs:
- Arc with two points and radius
- Arc with two points and angle
- Circles:
- Circle with two points and radius
- Splines:
- Spline through fit points
- Texts:
- Text with TrueType fonts
- Use multiple fonts, colors, sizes, etc. in one text entity
- Hatches and solid fills:
- Support ellipses and ellipse arcs as boundary elements
- Snap tools:
- Snap to middle between two arbitrary points
- Performance improvements in various areas (display of large drawings, selection, modification, ...)
- Support for named views (store current view / restore view)
- Display multiple view ports (view tiles) per drawing
- Printing:
- Print drawing as poster on multiple pages
- Print page IDs
- Print glue marks
- Construction possible in print preview mode
- Property editor:
- Completely refactored, fixed various problems with focus and editing, improved usability
- Editing attributes (color, line weight, line type)
- Editing draw order
- Show selected entity types
- Filter selection by entity types
- Improved line pattern rendering (symmetrical, no gaps at end point)
- Clipboard display widget shows content of clipboard (dockable)
- Paste
- Optionally overwrite existing layers / blocks
- Selection
- Selection modes for all selection tools (where appropriate): replace selection, add to selection, remove from selection, intersect with selection
- Select entities inside polygon
- Select contour: follow all connections (select also tree shapes and meshes)
- Modification
- Select / delete duplicate entities
- Select / delete zero length entities
- Entities
- Improved ellipse support (snapping to ellipse intersections, trimming, breaking out segments, hatching ellipses)
- Layer Handling
- Deleting layers can be undone
- Configuration
- Configuration of key codes and commands
- Devices
- Support for Wacom tablets
- Support for Apple's "Magic Trackpad" (including panning and zooming)
- Support for surveyor's angle input (e.g. N10d30'12.5"E)
- Part Library Browser
- Meta information stored as RDF
- Search based on keywords, file names, ...
- Parts in part library may be drawings with static content or scripts that dynamically create content
- New, much more powerful scripting interface:
- almost complete Qt and QCAD API available through ECMA Script interface
- creating interactive tools with scripts
- creating menus, toolbars, dockwidgets, dialogs, ...
- script plugin mechanism

Alternative downloads


Note: This is no longer an actively developed application.

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