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Puzzle Escape

An addictive, intruiging and challenging puzzle game awaits you.
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Firestar Game
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★An addictive, intruiging and challenging puzzle game awaits you. ★ ★TOTAL 98 LEVELS, For Mac/ iPhone/ iPod touch/ iPad HD★ "Puzzle Escape is a perfectly functional, fine little game. " - by "For those who like puzzle solving game this one is a great one." - by Challenglan "Top notch puzzle game. Definately reminds me of a Lemmings type game. Great graphics and simple gameplay." - by Snooptalian. How To Play: The goal is to help bear escaping, using some elements (trampolines, bombs, elevators, boxes etc), to reach the exit. It's a great puzzle game, a combination of various challenges for your intelligence and a fantastic entertainment for your leisure time. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just try every solution you could come up with. Just Try and have fun!Features: 1. 98 DIFFERENT LEVELS IN TOTAL:- 10 tutorial levels, we will learn how to play. - 88 levels design is done with meticulous care! Have fun! 2. EASY FINGER CONTROLS- Easy Finger Control, just touch/Drag the screen to pick and put elements. pick up & play. 3. CLICK AND PLAY INSTANTLY, NO ANY WAITING TIME FOR GAME LOADING - fast to launch and play game, no game loading time, enjoy it in your fragment time4. THE SOLUTIONS: - http://firestargame.blogspot.comFacebook:

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