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Puppy Closet is an educational game that lets kids practice math operations.
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Puppy Closet is an educational game that lets kids practice math operations. It should help small children get acquainted with the basic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. There are different difficulty levels that you can choose from. On the easy level, you will see operations like 2+3 or 3x2, but if you change it to "hard", the operations will become more complicated, for example, 72+5, 2+100, etc. From the Options screen, you can also choose what operation type you want to play with. However, regardless of what you choose there, only the first game after you exit the options will use that operation. After that, they will be selected at random, which doesn't really make any sense. If you want to let your kid practice subtraction, then the game should let you do that.

As an incentive for kids to go back to the game after they have completed a few levels, they will unlock costumes for a cute dog on the screen after each round is successfully completed. There are a number of costumes that you can unlock, and the last ones that you unlock are the cutest.

In short, Puppy Closet is a nice tool to help small children with their math skills. The incentive system in this app helps them stay focused for a longer period of time.

José Fernández
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  • Nice incentive system (dog clothing)
  • Easy to play


  • After each level, the operation is changed, regardless of what you specified in the settings
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