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PuppetShow: Lost Town is an addictive game for the Hidden Object games' lovers.
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PuppetShow: Lost Town is an addictive game for the hidden object games' lovers. It is another wonderful sequel of PuppetShow series by ERS Game Studios. As well as its predecessors, Lost Town impresses you with a challenging story and gameplay, needless to say about graphics and music.

This time the Detective (that is you) should explore a newly discovered cave system, where a girl Suzy had been kidnapped by a mechanical beast. So, track the beast, investigate hidden object locations, solve clever puzzles, make use of the gathered inventory, and solve the mystery of the lost town of Moonstone.

The game offers you two playing modes: Regular and Expert. In the regular mode hidden object locations are indicated by sparkles. The list of items at the bottom of the screen will tell you which objects you need to find. You can leave a hidden object location anytime you want, your progress will be saved automatically. If you can not find an item, the Hint button will help you, but it will be unavailable for 60 seconds then. To open closed doors, you need to solve puzzles. If a puzzle is hard to solve, you can always skip it. The Skip button can be used also after 60 seconds you've started a puzzle. In the expert mode, hidden locations are not highlighted, and the buttons take longer to recharge.

You see, the game is worth trying to have some fun but, unfortunately, there is no Help option to direct you when you get stuck while exploring the cave and the town. It would be of great help if you at least could be told that there is nothing to do here, try exploring 'this or that' place; or try using certain inventory to a certain object.

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  • Excellent graphics and music
  • Challenging story and gameplay


  • There is no Help option to direct you when you don't know what to do, or where to go



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