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Puji's Shootout 1.0

Puji's Shootout is a cute game for kids in which you are a lovely star.
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Puji's Shootout is a cute game for kids in which you are a lovely star living underwater. The goal of each level is to destroy the bubbles by shooting at them as fast as you can to get more stars. You must be careful because the big bubbles get smaller and smaller, so you will have to keep shooting at them until you destroy them completely. From time to time you will also find power-ups like shields or more powerful weapons, which can help you finish the levels faster. All the levels can be replayed as many times as you need.

As you progress the levels will get more and more challenging, so you will need the power-ups. The bubbles will be bigger and you will have to climb on platforms and things like that in order to reach them and destroy. All the levels look different and they have colorful backgrounds and a lovely scenery. The game includes several worlds with multiple levels to play, but you will have to complete the whole world to get to the next one. Played and won levels can be replayed whenever you want. The game features lovely graphics and sounds, and pleasant music.

Thus, Puji's Shootout is a lovely game to keep your kids entertained.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Cute graphics
  • Lots of levels
  • Multiple worlds
  • Lovely sounds and music
  • Free


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