Psycho Train

Psycho Train is an entertaining hidden object game for Mac.
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Psycho Train is fun brainteasing puzzle game developed by Alawar Entertainment. The storyline revolves around the main character who finds herself trapped in a haunted train and is looking for her missing daughter. Your objective is to help her unravel the mystery within the spooky train and find her daughter.

You can play the game in fullscreen or windowed mode, create as many player profiles as you want, and adjust the sound volume according to your needs. The graphics and cinematics look impressive; I especially like the hidden object scenes as they displayed numerous items which were nicely drawn.

While investigating the disappearance of your daughter you will explore various locations, encounter a spooky ghost, solve many puzzles, and collect clues. A good aspect is that you will never need to save your gameplay progress, the app does it for you automatically.

In my testing, everything worked perfectly except one thing: the Hint option doesn't take a minute to refill (after I clicked the Hint button it instantly refilled).

In conclusion, if you're a fan of hidden objects you should definitely try Psycho Train. The app is filled with numerous puzzles, offers you plenty of useful hints, and comes with a reasonable price.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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  • Nicely-drawn graphics and animations
  • Provides you with various types of puzzles
  • Automatically saves your gameplay progress
  • Offers you hints
  • Lets you create multiple player profiles


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