Provinces and Territories of Canada

Provinces and Territories of Canada 1.1

Provinces and Territories of Canada helps you learn Canada's geography.
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Provinces and Territories of Canada is a nice educational application that allows you to learn the provinces and capitals of Canada. The application is run in full screen and it offers a huge map of Canada which shows all its provinces with a different color. Moreover, if you hover the mouse over any of its provinces, you will also be able to see the capitals and flags.

In addition to this, the application comes with a sort of game that can help you test what you have learned using the application. You can test both the names of the provinces and the capitals. If you choose Provinces, the game will provide the name of a province and you have to mark it on the map. If you choose Capitals, the game will tell you the name of a capital and you have to mark the province to which it belongs. If you don't know the answer to a question, you can use the Hint button, which will tell you the correct answer. The game features nice colorful graphics, but sadly, there are no sounds or music, and the game doesn't keep a record of the correct or incorrect answers.

All in all, if you need an application to help you learn something about Canada's geography, Provinces and Territories of Canada may be interesting for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice and useful
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  • The game doesn't keep a record of correct or incorrect answers
  • No sounds or music
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