ProPrompter 5.0

Creates and customizes different teleprompters.
5.0 (See all)
Design and print teleprompter cards on a computer. Create a document or import the text data, edit it in the prompt window and select the visualization parameters. Change fonts, sizes and the speed at which the prompt is shown on the computer display.

ProPrompter is teleprompter software suitable for the most demanding professional teleprompting applications. Use the dual-screen scrolling feature to reverse the secondary output of a PC or Mac laptop while leaving the operator's display non-reversed. This allows less expensive non-reversing displays to be used without sacrificing functionality.
ProPrompter is available in Basic ($150), Advanced ($250), and Professional ($350) versions to suit any application and budget.
ProPrompter has many applications, such as radio and television production, business/government presentations, and videoconferencing. Church choirs have also found great success utilizing ProPrompter to help parishioners follow along with songs and hymns. Additionally, New-Age podcasters are serving up Web-delivered audio and video content with custom narration supported by ProPrompter.

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