Pro Zombie Soccer AE 2.0

Pro Zombie Soccer AE is a great zombie-killing game.
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Pro Zombie Soccer AE is a great zombie-killing game. Zombies are everywhere now, and very original games have come up recently. This is one of them. You play as Jax, a pro soccer player, who decides to take on the Zombie invasion. He kills zombies with his soccer skills and a soccer ball. The game has an interesting story that continues mission after mission. The presentation of the game is exquisite and the gameplay is full of fun. I also like the graphics and the power-ups that you get while you are playing.

In each mission, you have to kill waves of zombies, with a final boss appearing at the end. You score points by killing zombies but you can get extra points for getting headshots and even more points by getting headshot combos. As you play, you will start unlocking power-ups in the form of enhanced soccer balls and other interesting weapons. For example, one of the first power-ups that you unlock is the Lightning Ball. This ball is faster than your soccer ball, and it makes every zombie move in slow motion. If you are fast enough, you can take out all the zombies on the screen with this power-up. It only lasts for a few seconds, though. Then you have a Piercing Ball, which goes through everything in its path, often killing tens of zombies at the same time.

In conclusion, Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition is a great zombie killing game. It is fun to play and it has an interesting story.

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The game has a comic style art that makes it look incredible. Gameplay is fun, but the game lacks difficulty.

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