Course For Pro Tools 9 Free

Course For Pro Tools 9 Free 1.0

This app helps you learn how to work with Pro Tools 9.

As its name suggests, this utility helps you learn how to work with Pro Tools 9 for free. The application gives you access to quality video tutorials where the expert Scott Freiman explains Pro Tools 9's features and how to use the program efficiently.

This program might come in handy for Mac users who are new with Pro Tools 9 and wish to learn about the new changes in the app. You can watch the video tutorials in a fullscreen or windowed mode and get direct access to the latest news regarding other Mac apps like Lightroom, Adobe Media Encoder, and many others.

Unfortunately, the app offers you less than 25 minutes of video tutorials. It's basically just an introductory guide that provides you with basic information regarding Pro Tools 9. On the homepage of the developer you can find extra video tutorials, but you need to pay on the website in order to watch them.

So, if you're looking for a capable guide for Pro Tools 9 I'd suggest you to try other apps or search online video tutorials to learn how the aforementioned program works. Even though this utility is free of charge, it still offers you too little material to be worth installing on your computer.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Provides you with quality video tutorials
  • You can play tutorials in a fullscreen or windowed mode
  • Free


  • Offers you little study material
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