Prizmo versions

Scan and identify text content in image files and various types of documents.
Mar 2, 2023
Jun 8, 2021
Dec 19, 2014
Editorial review
Nov 6, 2012
May 8, 2010

What's new

v4.5 [Mar 2, 2023]
The recently upgraded color/gray cleanup technique has been further tuned for handling photos of documents that are not perfectly centered in the field of view (that would degrade cleaning capabilities). This also improves black & white PDF exports with image regions. [thank you Sophie L. from Cœur à Corps for the feedback]

v4.2 [Jun 8, 2021]
- Re-added image-only PDF export which was removed in the previous update.
- Fixed a bug where OCR regions could be misplaced when processing some PDF files as input.
- Fixed a performance issue when saving Prizmo documents on macOS 11.3+ that could cause the app to freeze for a long period of time.

v3.1 [Dec 19, 2014]
- Fixed a bug that could prevent to launch the application or the Automator action on OS X Yosemite.

v2.0 [Nov 6, 2012]
- New: Document pages can be flagged individually
- New: Option to choose Serif or Sans-Serif font in text editor
- Improved: document scanning workflow update, the scanner window remains open to allow scanning of multiple pages in a single session
- Improved: better reporting of OCR processing with VoiceOver as a spoken percentage. This provides a better experience especially when processing multiple pages at once.
- Improved: you can now move the cursor to the text editor with a keyboard shortcut, and also navigate through regions using the keyboard.
- Improved: Prizmo now remembers the last used scanner or camera for faster workflow (avoids to choose it each time).
- Fixed: More robust PDF export, especially for documents with many pages
- Fixed: Corrected a crash that would happen when quickly switching from page to page (with large image)
- Fixed: source PDF files that have a rotation tag are now correctly parsed and displayed.
- Fixed: detected images are now correctly extracted after OCR in all cases (would sometimes show as empty)
- Fixed: scanner operated in File Mode now reports correct DPI for JPEG and PNG image types.
- Various smaller bug fixes and enhancements.

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