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PRIORITY MATRIX is a powerful, intuitive, and easy to use software suite that helps individuals be more effective at managing their priorities using proven time management methodologies.
✔ Priority Matrix is PC Mag's Top 100 Best iPad App in 2011, 2012 and 2013
✔ “Week’s Best Business App” by Silicon Angle
✔ “App of the Month” by Tech Republic
✔ Learn about time and team management techniques from our website, named one of the Top 50 Productivity Blogs.
✔ Priority Matrix is the software tool of choice for people who want to get things done

In a nutshell, Priority Matrix divides your tasks into 4 customizable quadrants:
☐ Quadrant 1 ➤ Critical - DO NOW
☐ Quadrant 2 ➤ Critical but not urgent - Start planning for this
☐ Quadrant 3 ➤ Critical but can be delegated - Delegate this out, so you can focus!
☐ Quadrant 4 ➤ Uncategorized - This is your inbox. Store everything.

Outstanding features for Priority Matrix for Mac:
✔ Integrates with Mail/iCal. Drag Apple Mail directly onto PM to create tasks
✔ Powerful multi-project search filter by keywords
✔ Rich item categorization, progress tracking, target dates
✔ Rich keyboard shortcuts to copy, paste, add items rapidly
✔ Bulk data import and export
✔ Drag and drop local files, web URLs, images, pdfs, onto the quadrant to create tasks
✔ Double click on linked files to open original email, files, images, pdfs!
✔ Drag and drop Evernote, Omnifocus files and notes onto PM

Here are just some of the features that come standard in Priority Matrix:
✔ Free cloud sync between iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows (each platform sold separately)
✔ Master List gives you your daily and weekly action items
✔ Email reports can be generated on the fly
✔ Track progress effort, start dates, due dates, completion date
✔ Set recurring tasks
✔ Visualize everything. Use icons, percentage completion, colors to communicate your priority.
✔ Create templates with quadrant colors, project items that can be saved and shared
✔ Drag and drop interface means you can reprioritize tasks, change quadrant size, move items between projects with ease

Our community of users is constantly providing us with great use cases and new ideas:
☐ Daily planning
☐ Sales team lead management
☐ Small business planning
☐ Consultant-client updating
☐ SWOT analysis
☐ Lifestyle design
☐ Purchase decisions
☐ Project and team management
☐ On the road reporting
...and many more

Priority Matrix is thoughtful and beautifully designed. It is the perfect companion to visually organize your to-do list, agenda and priorities.
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