PrintCheck 1.2

Easy to use app to print bank checks.
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PrintCheck is an easy to use app to print bank checks.
Any printer that can print envelopes can be used to print checks from you checkbook.
PrintCheck can print checks from the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada (fr and en), France, Germany, India(en), Portugal, UK, USA and Spain.
Printed checks not only look good but forgery by inflating the amount is more difficult then with a pen/ink written check.

-Amount text is automatically written in check's country language while the amount number is entered.
-Checks can be crossed and optionally text can be printed between crossing lines.
-Portrait and landscape printing is supported
-Position and size of check fields can be fine tunned to match a real check.
-To help field positioning adjustments, a grid can be printed in inches or centimeters.
-Check configuration can be exported/imported.
-Information about printed checks can be logged to a text file.
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