Print Therapy (Leopard) 6.0

Repair the printing system problems in Mac OS X Leopard.
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Print Therapy, previously known as Printer Setup Repair, is the only utility in the world designed to diagnose and repair problems that can occur with the Mac OS X printing system. These problems include, but are not limited to, the inability to open the Print & Fax System Preference pane, inabillity to add printers, disappearing print jobs, corrupted preference files, and inability to create PDF files. Print Therapy also includes some useful tools for deleting extra printer drivers, installing or deleting PPD files, deleting old spool files, backing up and restoring the printing system, and resetting the printing system.
Print Therapy allows the user to do the following:Backup and restore the printing systemVerify and recreate the root userVerify and recreate the lp userVerify and recreate the lp groupVerify and repair the printing system permissionsVerify and repair the home user Library directoriesReset the printing systemDelete CUPS spool filesVerify and repair the /private/tmp directoryStop, start, or restart the cupsd processReplace the cupsd.conf fileDelete hidden temporary filesDelete all printing preferencesDelete the pre-installed driversView the CUPS access_log fileView the CUPS error_log fileView the CUPS page_log file
What's new in this version:
Fixed a bug that would cause permission repair errors to be reported for user accounts locked by FileVault.Fixed a bug that allowed the _usbmuxd system user to be included in the permission repair tests.Added several 10.5.8 compatibility updates that check to make sure certain code resource files are located in the correct directories, moving them if not.



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