Primatte Event for Aperture 5.1

Primatte Event uses masking in a live greenscreen shoot with Aperture's tethering capabilities.
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Primatte Event is the perfect choice for photographers who work in high volume or live environments, and often process thousands of greenscreen images for events, little league and school portraits. A photographer can use Primatte Event seamlessly in a live workflow by first capturing a photo using Aperture$$, s Tether panel. Primatte Event will automatically remove the chromakey screen, and its improved Backdrop Preview can choose a new background on the fly. The power of Primatte is fully available in this new, live workflow: AutoMask, 3-Step masking, color correction, backdrops and overlays. In Aperture, a photographer can print or save the final Primatte composite and quickly move on to the next subject, taking just a couple minutes for each photo. Alternately, the photographer can treat a group of Primatte photos and process them in batch later, if handing a print to the subject immediately is not necessary.



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