Presto! PageManager

Presto! PageManager 1.0

Improve the productivity in your organization with Presto! PageManager .

Improve the productivity in your organization with Presto! PageManager 9 SE.
Presto! PageManager is Ease-of-use, Front-end, Page Processing software. It now has faster thumbnail previews, a wider range of file formats, and the ability to stack variously formatted documents. The design concept incorporates “Capture”, “Manage”, and “Share & Deliver” solutions. It brings efficiency to your work and helps keep costs down in a paperless life.
For capturing scanned images, Presto ! PageManager 9 SE lets you define your own software scan buttons, and associates them with the hardware button. You can save a single or multiple page PDF file and covert images and document files to different formats. Drag-&-drop from the viewer to the destination software in the application bar to Share & Deliver files. This lets you print, fax, e-mail, or open them quickly with a specific application. There is also a comprehensive working space to smartly access files through Quick Links and the Document Pallet.
You can see the entire file organization structure—from the overall picture to the smallest detail. You can create, write, and open PDF files without file conversion or other application. You can split multiple page PDF files into separate files or merge several PDF files into one. You can group your files, stack your files, or spread them out. You can define a folder as a document inbox for e-mail attachments so you can easily monitor all incoming documents.

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