PresSTORE 4.2

Organize and manage your data.
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PresSTORE is a data management system that seamlessly scales up from small over medium up to enterprise-sized businesses. The concept of an integrated data management and security solution is built into PresSTORE's core. The data is managed throughout its life cycle, from the moment of its creation, to the inevitable backups over to long term archiving. This offers maximum security, efficient management and optimal engagement of resources resulting in a considerable reduction in costs.
PresSTORE consists of three modules: PresSTORE Synchronize, PresSTORE Backup und PresSTORE Archive that can be combined according to your requirements.
What's new in this version:
1. Backup: Fool proof backup rotation Extended security requires backup rotation. In case rotation is not performed by the user, backup now runs on any of
the designated tapes. As a result the current backup is always available.
2. Backup and Archive: Restore selection
The restore selecti...

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