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Radically simplify the way content is delivered to your Presenter Players.
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Presenter Publisher will radically simplify the way content is delivered to your Presenter Players. It is designed to distribute Presenter Scheduler Projects to all your Players – dozens, 100s or even 1000s of them – anywhere in the world over the Internet. When using Publisher your Player computers will not need a dedicated IP address or VPN access. A simple Internet connection will do.

Now you can publish your project files to a standard web space, your Players can subscribe to that URL and will download their projects and project updates from there automatically.
To avoid huge traffic and long upload- or download times, Presenter Publisher keeps track of versions and distributes only the changes of your project data. Likewise the Player computers will only download the changes that are necessary for them.

The Player computers can be set so that they will check for updates and download them in a specified period of time, e.g. at night or on the weekends. They can also check for their updates on different web servers so you can build a system with failover redundancy.

Furthermore, you can optimize the distribution between all Players in a local network. Presenter Player Pro has a new feature to publish itself so it can act as a proxy or edge server. To save traffic and download times over the internet, let your local Players get their project files directly from a Presenter Player Pro publish server in your LAN.

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