Presence 1.2

Practicing the presence of God.
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Practicing the presence of God.
While attempting to understand and practice Brother Lawrence's unique relationship with God, it can be helpful to be reminded of his teachings throughout the day. This application will display inspirational quotes selected and edited from the public domain text of "The Practice of the Presence of God: The Best Rule of Holy Life" by Brother Lawrence (Nicholas Herman, c. 1605-1691).
You can change the position, size, timing and length of the display: just go to the "Presence" menu in the menu bar and choose "Preferences". An audible chime can also be set to play when the quote appears. And, you can use the menu to manually cycle through the 100 quotes that are included with the application.
Quotes will continue to be displayed at regular intervals as long as Presence is running in the Dock.

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