PreMinder 1.6

PreMinder helps users manage events, appointments in a calendar like view.
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If you are having trouble effectively managing events like appointments, birthdays, meetings, PreMinder is the tool for you; the application employs a simple and convenient calendar like view to allow users to better organize their time with the help of events and alarms.

PreMinder's interface is divided into two windows; its main window provides an overview of all available events from within a specific week, month, year while the second allows for the addition of new events for a given day.

What makes the application particularly appealing is the styling and customization capabilities of each note, with a choice of different font, size and color values; what's more, users can import calendars from iCal as well as birthdays from Mac OS X's address book.

PreMinder is quite straightforward to use; only requires you to click on a date and start typing. Events may be set to repeat over a specific period of time and have an alarm attached.

In terms of appearance, the application may be customized with a user choice of background color, cell dividers, selected date outline, font and many other values to help reach the desired visual output.

PreMinder provides a simple and comprehensive platform for organizing events in order to effectively save and better manage user time.

Rory Shaffer
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