Predators is a nice action game based on the latest Predator movie.
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Predators is a nice action game based on the latest Predator movie. In this game, you don't control a human; instead, you play as a new member of a Predator clan. The Predators are a race of hunters who take pride in killing their prey. A new group of humans has been sent to your planet for your killing pleasure. The game uses an overhead view to follow the action. The camera is always centered on you, and new enemies are marked with red dots on the edges of the screen. The missions that I played were all very similar. First, you are given a short tutorial mission to see what killing a few humans feels like. Then, mission after mission, a new combo is revealed, or a new weapon becomes available. But the goal of the missions seems to always be the same: kill a number of humans without dying in the process. After each level, you are awarded honor points, and you can exchange those for upgrades for your weapons, or new weapon systems. The first upgrade that you can make is to your wrist blades.

In short, the game looks good. It is very gruesome and the action is constant. However, at least in the levels I played, I didn't feel like I was controlling a Predator. They are often the ones finding their pray and in the game, the humans find you and confront you. You never have the element of surprise.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of unlockables
  • Nice effects
  • Lots of enemies


  • You do not feel like you are controlling a Predator
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