PPG Wave 3.V

PPG Wave 3.V 1.2

Make music using the lengendary PPG Wave Synthesizer and its 256 voices.

PPG Wave 3.V is the reincarnation of the legendary PPG Wave Synthesizer, which no doubt is considered one of the most respected high-end synthesizers of the 80s. Developed by Wolfgang Palm, this instrument is featured on countless records, and it inspired a whole generation of producers, composers and listeners.

PPG Wave 3.V is capable of delivering up to 256 voices of polyphony, depending on the host computer. Each voice offers two Wavetable oscillators with optional sample playback with either 8, 12, or 32 bits of resolution. The samples can easily be loaded by drag & drop. The sound is further shaped by a selectable 12 or 24 dB lowpass filter. Up to eight parts can be arranged in poly, dual, quad, and mono unison modes, with separate semitone adjustments for automatic chords or melodies. Thanks to the multimode with eight stereo outputs, the instrument is well suited for both studio environment or live on stage.

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