PowerSMS (Carbon)

PowerSMS (Carbon) 2.0

Use your Internet connection to send SMS messages to mobile phones.
2.0 (See all)

PowerSMS is an application to send SMS messages to mobile phones over the Internet. This communication tool allows you to type out text messages and send them to a particular mobile phone.
Version 2.0b1 features: there is now a setup guide to help new users getting started; support for multiple SMS gateways; proxy support; ending messages to multiple groups is now possible; improved user interface; there is a quick-send userlist in the main window that allows you to quickly address new messages; new neat icons for a lot of buttons; several new options in the preferences dialog, including 'Warn before deleting items' (such as phone book entries, gateway accounts, and outbox entries) and 'replace international characters; various bug fixes.

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