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Increase your productivity by accessing various resources.
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Power Widget is intended to increase your productivity by allowing a quicker access to various resources. The tool is very light and run almost unnoticeably from the Menu Bar. It also appears as a nice unobtrusive floating widget that can be dragged to whatever part of your screen you find most convenient.

There are various operations you can perform more quickly by using this tool. For instance, it is possible to search the Internet and access the desired website right from the app. Moreover, it lets you keep a drawer with those files and folders that you use more frequently, which works by simply dragging and dropping their icons there. It is also good that it can keep a history of those items you have recently copied to the clipboard.

Additionally, Power Widget lets you access information about popular apps along with recommendations related to their usage. In addition, it allows checking memory and disk usage. What is more, it can check unknown file extensions on the web and provide you with information about the apps that support opening the desired files.

All in all, Power Widget is quite convenient as a time saver. However, it has some drawbacks as well. In my opinion, its lack of support of keyboard shortcuts makes you waste precious time. It does not provide built-in support for all desktop or web apps. Moreover, it occasionally shows unwelcome ads. On top of that, some stability issues have been reported.

Pedro Castro
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  • Built-in search functionality
  • Quick access to most frequently used files and folders


  • May have stability issues
  • Shows some ads
  • Does not support keyboard shortcuts
  • Built-in support not available for all apps/web apps
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