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Poseable is a useful application for people who draw.
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Poseable is a useful application for people who draw. It puts a virtual maquette on your Mac that you can move freely in pretty much any way that you want. My sister-in-law used one of the real maquettes, and she hated taking it everywhere because it was big. She would have loved this app. Moving the maquette in this application could really be easier, but after a while, you get used to the way the app works and you probably won't mind how cumbersome moving it can be.

To move it, you click on one of the toggles at the bottom of the screen and then use your mouse buttons and dragging motions to interact with the maquette. The buttons MOV, ROT and SCL, which stand for Move, rotate, and scale, respectively.

Poseable also comes with a few default positions, which are the most generally used when drawing. These are front, back, top, bottom, right, and left. You can of course continue moving the maquette after you applied one of those poses. If you want to take a screenshot of your maquette, you can do so by clicking on the screenshot button, which will hide most of the menus and display the maquette only.

In conclusion, Poseable can be useful to anyone who is in college and is required to draw wooden maquettes. The app lets you move the maquette freely, but not in an intuitive way.

José Fernández
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  • You can take screenshots from within the app
  • You can move the maquette in many ways


  • Not the easiest app to use
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