Portify 0.4

Transfers Spotify playlists to Google Music All Access.
0.4 (See all)

Portify is a little tool (written using NodeJS, AngularJS and app.js) that transfers your Spotify Playlists to the new Google Music: All Access service.
It does so by accessing unofficial APIs on both sides, this is why the app asks for both your Google and Spotify passwords. This is also the reason I am not releasing this as something that runs on a public server but instead as a packaged ready-to-run app (app.js is basically just NodeJS packaged with an embedded version of Chrome). This way you can check the code for yourself and easily run Portify on Localhost.
What's new in this version:
Some Playlists are unavailable for unknown reasons. This version fixes crashes related to those playlists (ie. they will be skipped)

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