Popatronic 1.4

Play an arcade puzzler with hip music.
1.4 (See all)

Best described as a fast paced, arcade puzzler; Popatronic is packed with a variety of explosive challenges, power ups, game modes and cool tunes. Popatronic was designed to be fun for everyone. It's simplistic gameplay and hip music will keep you in the 'just one more game' mentality for a long time.
Pop-A-Tronic offers four fun ways to get your pop on, with a variety game play modes such as: Marathon mode - You’ll be popping and dropping bubbles in a race to complete the level before your screen fills to capacity. * Puzzle mode - It's careful planning before frantic popping. * Lock-Out mode - Feel the walls close in on you as the pressure grows when the playfield shrinks. * Self-Destruct mode - Survive the explosive action as theclock ticks down. All this and a bag of tricks, such as the Charge Bomb and Color Transmutation Device, make this a must own for casual gamers everywhere.

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