Pooch App

Pooch App 1.8

Pooch is a program to assemble and operate a high-performance parallel computer

Pooch is software providing the easiest way to assemble and operate a high-performance parallel computer. We encourage you to follow the Mac Cluster Recipe and see for yourself.
Pooch provides a Macintosh user interface for distributing and initiating a numerically-intensive parallel application on a networked cluster of Macintoshes. It coordinates the distribution of data, acts out commands from other Pooches, and provides a user interface to start and monitor parallel computing jobs.
Pooch technology allows the user to combine supercomputing-level features with an easy-to-use, modern user interface, a combination unmatched by any other cluster solution.
Its unique technology design allows it to be flexible enough to operate in a wide variety of network environments and cluster configurations and while supporting the largest number of programming environments. It has supported the industry-standard Message-Passing Interface since day one, making it easy to write portable supercomputing code on a Mac cluster. At the same time it supports grid- and distributed-computing models.

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