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Poker HD Pro is a Texas Hold'em poker game for the Mac.
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Poker HD Pro is a Texas Hold'em poker game for the Mac. It is a one of the games where you begin with a limited amount of money, and so does your opponent. Your opponent is a computer player, which can be configured in two difficulty modes: easy and hard. When you take all of your opponent's chips, you win the game. If the opposite happens, you lose.

This game is really basic and I don't see where the HD comes from. The graphics are not very impressive. To be honest, other web poker games offer better graphics than this one. There are some things that you can customize. For example, you can establish with how many chips you and the opponent start. You can give yourself more chips or give them to your opponent. This helps to increase the difficulty if you start at a disadvantage. You can change the small and big blinds, which are 1 and 2 by default. There are game sounds, which you can disable.

I played a couple of rounds against both the easy and hard computer opponents and I thought the CPU made good choices overall. I was surprised when the CPU started bluffing, which was very original. I was able to beat the computer without any problems though I am not a very good poker player.

In conclusion, Poker HD Pro is a very simple poker game that is played against a single computer opponent. The gameplay can be slow at times, especially when a hand is won or lost.

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  • A few things you can customize
  • The AI can bluff


  • There are better free games out there



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  • Big blind application
  • Hold em software for mac os x