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Point N See 2.0

It allows you to see portions of your screen while enlarging them.
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Paul Young

Point N See is a utility that allows you to see portions of your screen while enlarging them so that fine details are better perceived.
The program will basically zoom in the screen section that the mouse cursor is moved across, while the enlarged view of that section is shown in the display window. The display window will be controlled from another small window, which is the control panel. The control panel offers you the options to show or to hide the display window and to set the zooming rate. The enlargement options are: slight (X2), medium (X3), larger (X4), the largest (X5). The utility will help you see details more clearly where the writing is too small or a picture has fine details that cannot be seen clearly enough with an image editor's zoom option. There are two modes in which the utility works, respectively normal and fixed. Normal mode allows for the desktop to be dynamically displayed around the mouse cursor. The fixed mode allows you to establish on what part of the screen the display window should focus on and then you can move your mouse freely, without affecting the zoomed-in view. The application works only on Mac computers with Intel CPU.
To conclude, Point N See is a small and simple application that allows you to zoom in sections of your screen.

Margie Smeer
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  • Details on your screen can be enlarged by up to five times


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