Pocogese 0.4

Pocogese is short for "POST Commands and GET Selections".
0.4 (See all)

Pocogese implements the concept of Commands and Selections applied to the remote invocation of Services from Adobe Flex applications. This design choice is based on the observation that most Services either read or manipulate Resources.

Reading is realized by sending GET requests with Selections ; these should not change the state of the Resource requested. Selections return with a single Resource or a list of Resources based on some selection criteria.
Manipulation is realized by sending POST requests with Commands ; these change the state of one or multiple Resources. Typical commands include create, update and delete, but any other modifying action can be modeled this way. Commands return with information about the status of the manipulation and may include one result and explanation messages.
Current implementation uses POX (Plain Old XML) for data transport. AMF3 could be a future alternative.

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