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Pocket Dogfights is an arcade game for Mac computers.
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Pocket Dogfights is an arcade game for Mac that provides you with an 80's gaming feel due to its graphics and aerial combat style. Your goal is to destroy as many jet fighters as you can while avoiding any collisions between your aircraft and the enemy planes and keeping your ship running at its full power.

You can choose between two plane models, play the game in fullscreen or windowed mode, and configure the sound settings according to your needs. An important advantage of this app is that you can plug in your gamepad and set the control options accordingly.

I was slightly disappointed by the fact that the game came with a serious amount of flaws: it didn't allow me to save my game progress, it lacked gaming instructions (for instance, controls info), and it played repetitive music. Furthermore, the game is over if you collide with a plane of the enemy and you need to start all over from a scratch (no extra lives available).

As a conclusion, I'd suggest you to try other old school inspired arcade games as this app comes with plenty of disadvantages. Even though I like that it brings nice graphics and gives you access to plenty of power-ups, I still consider this app doesn't worth a try.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice graphics
  • You can plug in a gamepad to play the game
  • Provides you with various power-ups


  • Lacks gaming instructions (for instance, controls info)
  • Plays repetitive music
  • The game is over if you collide with a plane of the enemy and you start of from scratch (no extra lives available)
  • Unable to save game progress
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