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Pochade is a lightweight and simple to use desktop color picker.
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Pochade provides users with multiple ways of selecting and capturing color values. It provides a color picker that can retrieve any color from the screen, support for different color spaces and the means to manage multiple colors within collections. Pochade does all this while conveniently residing in the menu bar, which makes it quite easy to access.

The application has an elegant design with an intuitive functionality. If you want to capture a color from the screen or just about any Mac application, click on the "looking glass" icon and move the cursor on top of a specific area.

Users may also select colors manually with the help of CMYK, RGB, HSB, grayscale sliders, the color wheel or scale.

Each of the colors obtained will be displayed on the bottom bar. With simple drag and drop actions you can save all of them into collections and have them displayed in the Collection Viewer.

Pochade is not your average color picker. The application not only allows you to capture and select colors but also organize them comprehensively.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Simple to use
  • Support for multiple color spaces
  • Color management


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