PNG32 - Alpha Channel PNGs - Made easy!

PNG32 - Alpha Channel PNGs - Made easy! 1.10

This Mac app helps you convert images to PNG format.
1.10 (See all)

This Mac program was created to provide you with a quick and simple way to convert pictures to PNG image format. The application comes with a very intuitive interface, works with a wide variety of image formats, supports batch conversion, and immediately offers you the quality photos you need.

The only way to import files in this utility is to drag-and-drop the images over the program's interface. Then, the application immediately and automatically converts the input files to PNG format and saves the final pictures to the selected output file destination folder (it's better if you select the destination folder before dragging any images over the app's interface).

Also, on the main window of the app you can see 2 more useful options: one to delete the original files once the conversion process is complete and another to ignore files already saved as PNGs.

Mac OS X comes with a default image viewer named Preview. This tool lets you preview multiple image formats and allows you to export them as PNGs. It takes the same amount of time you'd normally spend converting images to PNG in PNG32 - Alpha Channel PNGs - Made easy!

So, even though PNG32 - Alpha Channel PNGs - Made easy! is free of charge and offers you quality results, I think it isn't worth installing the aforementioned tool on your Mac, even if it doesn't have any traceable flaws or drawbacks.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Works with various image formats
  • Supports batch conversion and drag-and-drop action
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Free


  • None
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