PluralEyes for Final Cut Pro

PluralEyes for Final Cut Pro 1.2

PluralEyes synchronizes the clips and creates a new sequence.
1.2.17 (See all)

PluralEyes® works with your favorite video editing tool to instantly sync all of your multi-camera video and audio tracks – eliminating complicated camera set-ups, timecode, and hours of tedious manual syncing. Save time and money, reduce frustration, and free yourself to focus on the creative editing process.

PluralEyes synchronizes the clips and creates a new sequence called sequence_name ### (synced) and opens it in the timeline. If possible, it also creates a multiclip and puts it in the Browser. If the clips fall into distinct nonoverlapping groups then several multiclips and sequences are created.

Any clips that PluralEyes could not sync are placed into a sequence called sequence_name 000 unsynced. If this happens, and you expected the clips to sync, this would be a good time to explore the sync options. If you want a single output sequence, see the next section.

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