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Playwords Lite is a word learning game for the Mac.
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Playwords Lite is a word learning game for the Mac. It has three different modes that allow kids to learn words, their pronunciation and spelling and to use what they have learned in various games. There is a paid version of this app with way more words than this one. Both apps can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

The first mode is called "Picture Blast". In it, you are shown a word and a drawing. There are two books on the table, one that reads "questions" and the other "answers". If you click on "questions", you get another word and drawing, and if you click on "answers" the word will be pronounced.

The second mode, "Word match", displays a drawing and a word is said. You have to click on the correct answer - one that corresponds to the word that has been pronounced. There are four possible answers, and you can click on them until you get it right. When you do, a new word will appear.

The third mode is more like a spelling game. You hear a word and are shown the partial spelling of that word. There are letters on the screen, and you have to click on the one that is missing from the word.

Playwords Lite is a nice game for kids to learn how to spell and say words. It has great graphics and it is easy to operate.

José Fernández
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