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Provides planning tools for managing tasks, resources and plans.
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Manage tasks, resources, and plans on your Mac. Get notifications when resources are assigned to excessive number of tasks. View detailed data about the whole plan, tasks and resources. Pick up from a variety of built-in styles, import new style or create your own using the Plan styling controls.

Invoax Plan It provides simple project management to your desktop.
- Simple to use interface
- Fast styling of plans
- Realtime view of costing and resource usage
- View critical path to end or critical tasks
- Snapshot project costs at various stages
- Easily export project statistics
- Print layout view
- Email or export resource task list in HTML, CSV or iCal format
- HTML code export so you can easily update project web pages
- Basic Project XML import/export *
Easily Arranged
Plan It's simple interface allows you to quickly get your Gantt charts to contain the information you want them to contain. Using the plan inspector you can quickly see detailed information about the whole plan, tasks and resources.

Resource Usage
With Plan It you can easily see when resources are assigned to too many tasks. Simply open up the resource usage view tab click the resource with the issue and Plan It will instantly highlight all the tasks assigned to that resource.

Plan Stats
Using Plan It you can see the effect of changes by using the realtime costing inspector. This simple inspector shows you the current cost of the project along with other important projects statistic.
You can also view all your statistics against the original baseline or costing snapshots made over the lifetime of the project.

Style your Plan
Plan It's styling feature allows you to change the styling of your plan at the click of a drop down. Choose from the built-in styles, import new style or create your own from the Plan styling controls. Along with customisable colours you are able to change bar styles, margins, labelling and fonts allowing almost limitless style choices for you your plan.
For any issues or questions please email we will aim to respond with 24 hours.
Quick start tutorial available at
* Project Import/Export will only import and export functionality supported by Plan It
* Requires OS 10.7 or above

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