PlaceAndScale 1.0

Free Autoscales imported bitmap images in InDesign to predetermined resolution.
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Have you ever been placing a number of bitmap images (for example, JPEG images) of various dimensions, and then manually scaling the images to meet a certain preset target resolution?
If the JPEG images originated from different cameras or were taken with different settings, their pixel dimensions can vary widely, and each different type of image needs to be rescaled differently to bring the final resolution to the same standardized value.
This plug-in helps out. You can define a specific resolution value for each individual InDesign document. When you place any bitmap image into the document, it will be automatically scaled to make sure the effective resolution of the placed image matches the preset resolution value.
You can set a document's target resolution for Place and Scale via the API menu.
Make sure you have a document open before you try to change the preferences.
What's new in this version:
This version adds InDesign CS5 support. Another important change: it will now by default work in 'one-shot' mode, as a result of user-feedback.
Versions before 1.0.7 would re-effect the target resolution each time an image was pasted or placed. This was often surprising the user with unexpected rescaling of images.
The latest version applies the necessary scaling just once, and then leaves the image alone. If you manually scale an image up or down and then copy-past...



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