PixelStick 2.3

Simple and effective tool for measuring distances and angles on the screen.
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The ability to accurately measure distances between two given points is essential for any graphic designer; while such tools are usually part of editors and have restricted functionality within them. In comparison, PixelStick provides a more flexible approach. The application is designed to work with any program on the desktop and even includes a few scaling presets for specialized tools.

PixelStick has a friendly and intuitive functionality; it acts as a desktop ruler that is triggered by simply dragging the two points. Users can measure distance and angle values on the desktop and not only; it includes an eye dropper with a choice of multiple color formats, can zoom in to specific areas on the screen (with special settings for Google Maps, Photoshop, Yahoo Maps as well as custom).

Another interesting feature is the ability to lock distance and angle values in order to provide a more accurate output value of your measurements.

Program's Preferences panel provides users with a choice of color for the circular and straight guides.

PixelStick is very simple to use, but more importantly, it is accurate. It is especially designed for designers but works equally well for any user in need of an on-screen measuring tool.

Rory Shaffer
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