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I am extremely honored to announce & release the v840 Piper Collection.
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I am extremely honored to announce & release the v840 Piper Collection.
:: Each and every (10) aircraft incorporate certified flight models, compatiblity, new feature support, open format panel structure, new instrumentation, new native texture format, new internal & external artwork treatments and design accents.
:: Each aircraft is a beautiful likeness of the model for whit is is created. Premium instrument panels and instrumentation, are in the format and orientation best suited & tailored to each plane.
:: From the Flagship 20th Anniversary Malibu line to the trainer Warrior and Seminole models, you will find a parade of high-quality instrumentation, and artwork, as well as meticulous attention to detail in each of their respective airframes and models.
:: It is my pleasure and passion to create awesome and beautiful aircraft, with true to life performance characteristics, and real sense of... "virtual ownership."
:: Package includes (10) Ten aircraft in line with all current/new Piper aircraft (Warrior III, Archer III, Arrow III, Seminole, Saratoga II TC, Seneca V, Mirage & Meridian), as well as two vintage models the 1969 Arrow I, and 1984 Malibu. All aircraft have custom instrument panels, precision instrumentation, all original artwork, airframe accuracy within 1" of actual, have been founded on TCDS airframe & engine documentation, and package includes access to FAA Advisory Circular, informational, and CFR Regulatory information. The Piper collection is an each release product at $1.25/plane/release, e.g. $12.50
:: Thank you for your interest and consideration. Please feel free to browse the site, all aircraft screenshots are updated to display and showcase the aircraft. -Jason (http://air.c74.net)
What's new in this version:
Glossy Translucent Glass, all aircraft 840 specific flight model re-tuning Calculated Dual SFC consumption rates. Dozens of new detail fixtures on each & every plane Meridian MEGGITT, STEK 55, Garmin MX20 & Dual Garmin 430 All aircraft as applicable Dual Garmin 430 & STEK autopilot systems New panel layout, overhead panel and switches (Meridian, Mirage, Seneca & Saratoga) ALL NEW 3D Interiors All Aircraft 'Back Issue' su...

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