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Pinyin Teacher will help you learn Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.
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Pinyin Teacher is a nice application that will help you learn Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. In case you do not know, Pinyin is the romanization of the Chinese language, which allows us to know how to pronounce words correctly. In Chinese, there are four different tones, which distinguish the syllables written with the same letters. For instance, the word "kou" in the first tone means somethings totally different to the same word with any of the other tones. This app helps you practice and learn all the initial and final sounds with the four tones by listening to their correct pronunciation as many times as you need in the Learn mode.
Then, when you have practiced enough and when you feel that you are ready you can proceed to the Practice mode. In this mode, you will hear a sound, and you need to select the corresponding initial and final sound, as well as the correct tone. Then, you can check if your answer is correct. If it is correct, there will be a green tick under the word and if it is wrong there will be a red one and you can try again. if you give up, you can ask to see the correct answer. The program offers a nice and attractive user interface, but the quality of the sounds could be better.
All in all, if you are learning Chinese and you are looking for a companion to help you learn and practice the sounds, Pinyin Teacher may be a good choice.

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  • Two modes
  • Very easy to use
  • Educational


  • The quality of the sounds is not great



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