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Nothing like the Pinball you are used to, explore the freedom of "Tilt" control and take your highscore to the limit!
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PinballYeah! is nothing like the Pinball you are used to, explore the freedom of "Tilt" control and take your highscore to the limit!
? KEY FEATURES ? Configurable Keyboard and Graphics. (Set Automatically for Casual Users) Unique Pinball, Fantasy non-simulation based Pinball! 4 Uniquely themed tables! 4 Player HotSeat Multiplayer like the good old days! Online World and National score boards! Even more amazing and original fantasy gameplay! Fight the Kraken! Try to defeat the A.i.! Have one on the house! Enjoy the classics! Beautifully colored graphics and a awesome atmosphere. Original high quality soundtrack and audio effects. Realistic physics, real 3d physics, no faked 2D physics here! Even more content on the way! ?Gameplay & Content? PinballYeah! may be considered a bit hardcore for most gamers at first, we assure that if you start using the TILT buttonsyour gameplay experience will change completely. The TILT is your friend! Use it! TABLE 1: A.i.
Try to defeat the evil A.i. set on your highscore demise! Make your way trough the A.i. domain to open portals. You will be able to get the highest scores on this table, you will literally play 4 tables in 1! Try to keep alive! TABLE 2: PirateCove
Fight the Kraken and keep on eye open for the treasure! Hit the sharks to fight the mighty Kraken! Pile up the treasure count on the left boat and activate it on the right one, go for the treasure at SKULL ISLAND! Use the multipliers to increase your treasure count.?TIP? Try to activate the treasure during multiball!?TIP? Release the stranded balls for massive cannon multiball madness! TABLE 3: Liquid Bread Table
Drink responsibly, if you drink to much you will have a hard time tracking the ball! Drink all sets of bear to increase your points. The more beer you catch the higher you will set the Pint-o-Meter! Get some Peanuts to stay focused. Try to get the leprechaun gold! Multiball awaits you! The more you drink the harder it will be to stay focused, the camera will distort simulating your point of view. ?TIP? To master this game you will have to master the TILT !?TIP?
TABLE 4: Code'Runers
Find the secret of the runes and hidden messages! More then meets the eye! Get all runes! Mix all the runes and unlock the massive multiball! ?General Tips & Info? You may submit/check highscores online at any time by going to the "HighScores" menu. Controls information and setup in the options menu. Table Info available on the main menu.



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