Pinball 10.1

Play a 3D Pinball game directly from your Mac computer.
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Pinball is a 3D arcade game developed for users of all ages. It's packed with various board styles, comes with an integrated level editor, gives you access to gameplay instructions, and so much more.
The graphics look nice and the background music goes well with the animations. You can change the view angle, zoom in or out the board, and resize the main window according to your needs.

Furthermore, after you use the built-in level editor to design your own Pinball board, you can share your work with other players. The program also lets you check out the board designs which were uploaded by other Pinball users.

Sadly, in my testing, the game didn't work too well. For starters, it took a while to launch. The game also occasionally ran slow and used a significant amount of CPU resources while operating on my Mac. Still, this could be my Mac's fault.

In my opinion, you should first test the trial version of the game, see how it runs on your Mac, and then decide if it's worth purchasing Pinball for your computer or not.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Comes with a built-in level editor
  • Nice graphics
  • You can choose between various board styles
  • Provides you with gameplay instructions


  • Occasionally runs slow
  • Might use a large amount of CPU resources
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