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Your Bulletin Board To Go. Take your bulletin board with you. Anytime.
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Michael Göbel
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Your Bulletin Board To Go.
**Take your bulletin board with you. Anytime. Anywhere. Without a screwdriver.**
Ever wished you could carry your bulletin board around with you?
Hate having to reorganize for every new idea?
Wouldn't it be awesome to have as many boards as you want?
With easy undo and redo?
That you won't run out of space ever again?
**Pin to the rescue!**
Pin is your new digital bulletin board to go.
Unlimited bulletin boards.
Unlimited space and zoom.
**And thanks to iCloud, accessible from anywhere at anytime.**
But the best part is: this board can even remind you of your most important cards.
Even when you're not sitting in front of it.
Even when the Pin App is not running.
**Send yourself notifications with Pin.**
And because our memory tends to be a sieve, you can even use Pin as a screen saver.
It's also operable completely with gestures, you can drop images and flag cards…

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