Pimp My Picture

Pimp My Picture 1.3

Add various graphics to pictures in common formats.
Manipulate your images in JPG, PNG, PSD, TIF, DNG, and RAW formats. Add stickers, text balloons, quotes, and face pimp effects like beards or hats. Create a card for any holiday and select from over 600 graphics on various themes. Rotate your images, modify their color and opacity, add text, shadow, and glow effects.

Pimp My Picture is a fun image editor that allows you to quickly customize your photos by adding amusing graphics, text balloons, or quotes.
Pimp My Picture includes a collection of 600+ graphics covering almost any occasion. The app allows you to add glasses or mustaches, text balloons, your own comments and more.
Main Features:
✓ Add graphics to pictures; from Comic Faces to Stickers
✓ Add face pimp effects to pictures, from mustaches to glasses
✓ Add text balloons with several supported shapes
✓ Add free text
✓ Rotate graphics
✓ Skewing
✓ Mask graphics by removing (parts) of the graphic
✓ Change fill properties like colors or opacity
✓ Change stroke properties
✓ Add shadow
✓ Add glow
✓ Comes with 600+ high quality graphics
Supports reading all most popular image formats, including JPG, PNG, PSD, TIF, DNG, and RAW formats

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