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Free Pikaboo animal MA is a very basic educational game.
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Pikaboo animal MA is a very basic educational game. It was designed so that small children could learn the names of some animals while having fun doing it. The goal of the game is to find a given animal in each round. Before a round starts, the game will show you the name of the animal that you have to find and then the screen will go black. When you click on the screen, a small circular area around your mouse pointer will become visible, just as if you were using a flashlight in a dark room. You can hold the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse around to locate the animal. Once you have, you can double click on it to select it. When the right animal is selected, you will be asked to find another animal, and so on.

For kids to enjoy this game or for it to be useful, they have to know how to spell the names of the animals, or they won't know what to look for.

During my testing of the game, I had it freeze one time after I selected one of the animals. I could see the game telling me that I had picked the right animal and there were effects moving on the screen, but there was nothing I could do except going to the main menu. This only happened once, though.

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  • Useful if your kid already knows how to spell some of the names of the animals


  • The game froze one time
  • Not the best graphical design



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