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Pictorial is a unique spatial puzzle game that involves rotating a 3D matrix.
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Pictorial is a unique spatial puzzle game where the player must rotate a 3D matrix of connected points to produce a 2D projection that forms a familiar image. By clicking and dragging to rotate the object, its 3D shape is implied by the relative movement of its constituent points, providing a clue as to the solution. There are 150 levels in 5 different themes.

Although a description of the game mechanic makes it sound extraordinarily complex, it is actually targeted at casual players. That's because there are only so many viewpoints to look at the object from, so one who spends enough time rotating it will come up with the right view eventually. There is also an easy mode where the lines between the points grow more visible the closer the player is to a solution, rather than being consistently present. For those seeking a challenge, stars and scores are presented based on the amount of time taken to find the hidden shape.

Despite the absence of the "storylines" indicated by the developer's description, the themes are well executed, each having its own unique menu visuals, animations, and audio.

Sam's Protip: In general, the fewer line intersections, the better. Use this as a guide to whether you're getting close on hard mode.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Unique casual puzzle experience
  • Excellent audiovisuals


  • Sequel puts the lie to "More Levels Coming Soon."
  • The five "storylines" are really just visual themes
  • Faulty English localization
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