Picnic Mayhem

Picnic Mayhem 1.0

Control a couple of Everhungries with the keyboard.
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Varia Media GmbH

Picnic Mayhem is a very simple arcade game for Mac. In this game, you control a couple of Everhungries. These creatures are always hungry and they have found a nice source of food: a campsite at Mount Sauerkraut. You control both creatures with the keyboard. The controls are rather simple. One of the creatures jumps when you press the W key and the other when you press the L key. Fruit and other foods will start moving on the screen from one end to the other, and you should jump to eat it. The first few levels are easy and quite short, but after the while the game starts becoming longer and sometimes harder. At some levels, you can collect coins to get access to a bonus one, and, depending on your performance at regular levels, you will be able to play a game in which lots of food flies through the screen for a short period of time. As you progress through the game, some difficulties will arise. For example, bombs will start appearing on the screen, and if you hit one of them, you will lose. If you stay still for too long, a chainsaw will be shot at the Everhungries. If you don't avoid it, you will die as well.

Picnic Mayhem features nice graphics for an arcade game. The characters are cute and the food looks delicious. The controls couldn't be any simpler.

In short, this is a game that can be a great time waster. It doesn't really have any depth or replay value. It is one of those games that you can and want to play to beat your previous score or the score of your friends.

José Fernández
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  • Quick fun
  • Cute graphics


  • No depth or replay value
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